¿Por qué usar Seliom?

Business process management does not have to be complex

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As your team grows and scales, you will notice that it becomes more difficult to keep track of everything that's happening in your organization.

If the following sound familiar to you, it is probably the time to adopt a Business Process Management platform:

1. ✉️ Email & Spreadsheets have become the main tool to run your operations

Circling back to spreadsheets and emails from months ago to find information is usually the first sign that you need a more powerful solution to help you scale.

Seliom centralizes all your information and makes it easily accessible to the right people

2. You can't tell who is working on what, and when things are going to get done.

Your business is constantly processing incoming data such as customer requests, purchase orders, returns, deliveries, contracts to be signed, and services to be fulfilled. All of these need be handled by different people in your organization.

As your operations scale, more mistakes are bound to happen, costing you precious time and money. You will benefit from a solution like Seliom if it has become too difficult to answer simple questions such as:

  • When will this purchase order get approved?

  • Did we respond to the customer inquiry from 2 weeks ago?

  • Has anyone helped onboard our new employee yet?

  • Who was in charge of packaging this product?

Seliom helps you scale and streamline your business processes. It makes sure that everyone operates the same way, and that things get done on time.

3. 🔊 Information overload makes is hard to move fast

You probably have a CRM, an ERP, a chat application, and dozens of other solutions that process important business data. Making sure that all the information gets to the right place is crucial, but manually inputting information into these systems is time-consuming, error prone, and boring.

Seliom connects to your existing software applications and glues everything together. Input your data once and see it appear in all your systems.

4. 📄You have hundreds of PDF documents with outdated instructions

Managers try to standardize work by creating documents for their business processes. Unfortunately:

  • They quickly become obsolete.

  • Nobody reads them.

  • Even if the team does read them, they are difficult to enforce.

Seliom provides always up-to-date processes that are simple to enforce.

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