Frequently Asked Questions

πŸ”¨ Do I need any advanced technical skills or professional support services to implement Seliom?

Seliom was designed to be intuitive and not require advanced technical knowledge to design and automate your workflows. However, in large and complex proceses some customers prefer to receive help from technical consultants. We are happy to recommend one of our partners.

♾️ What does "unlimited" really mean?

We do not cap storage or the number of workflows you can run, as long as it does not create an overload on our end. If your usage goes beyond the general use cases, we will reach out to figure out a plan that works for both of us.

πŸ€– How is Seliom different from RPA?

RPA (Robotic Process Automation) is a form of business process automation that relies on recording how a user interacts with a UI and then replaying it automatically for different data. Seliom is different in that it automates an entire workflow (consisting of multiple tasks) from beginning to end, and can leverage the use of robots via integrations to automate specific tasks.

Seliom complements very well with RPA, but is much broader in scope as it is a full Business Process Management (BPM) suite. It provides everything you need to manage your business processes, including documentation, modeling, orchestration, automation, and task & case management.

πŸ” How is my data kept safe? Is Seliom GDPR compliant?

We take data security very seriously. Our service providers have undergone the most strict of security audits to ensure that your data is never compromised. Seliom is GDPR compliant. You can read more about our security mesures here.

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ« What kind of processes can I automate with Seliom?

You can streamline and automate standardised and dispersed operations that consume a lot of time better spent elsewhere. Processes can be simple, horizontal processes such as employee onboarding, purchase order approvals, and reimbursement requests, or vertical complex processes specific to your industry that involve a lot of people and communication bottlenecks.

πŸŽ›οΈ What kind of level of control can I have over employee access to data?

Seliom provides very granular control over who can access different resources. We have developed our platform with the help from experts in different industries such as logistics and insurance, ensuring that your needs for access control are met.

πŸ’» How does Integration with other systems work?

Every process created on Seliom has an API that allows you to create new cases for it and fetch information. This makes it very simple to trigger new cases from external systems. For example, you could trigger a Seliom process to manage a new customer onboarding after an opportunity is closed on Salesforce.

We also offer the possibility of calling external systems from within a Seliom process. For example, after a specific task is completed you can automatically send an SMS or slack notification to your team.

For advanced integrations, we recommend Integromat.

πŸ’³ Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes. Seliom has no commitment requirements. You are welcome to try out the platform for a few months and cancel your subscription at any time.

⏲️ Does Seliom offer a trial period?

New teams that sign up on Seliom get 14 days to try out the platform for free. After that period of time, we will charge your monthly or yearly subscription. You are welcome to cancel at any time. If you need more time to test out the platform, please reach out to us at info@seliom.com

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